Couples Therapy

Working with couples and family members

What is couples therapy?

Couples come to me to help with communication or other issues in their relationship, maybe to do with sex, infidelity, anger and resentment or loss of intimacy. Sometimes you may be scared to say certain things to your partner about something that is affecting the relationship and it would feel much easier to say things with a professional present to give space for such things to be discussed calmly.

Occasionally couples come to me to work out if they should stay together or not.

Couples therapy provides a neutral and safe space for you to explore the difficult things in your relationship. 

You may learn: ways to communicate better; how to listen to and really hear each other’s feelings; how to negotiate and compromise; how to manage anger and resentment in the relationship; how to understand the ways in which your partner is different from you and how your needs also differ. 

One of the key models I use as a couples therapist is developed from the Internal Family Systems model. This model, entitled Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) looks at the parts of us that interact with our partners in relationship. I have trained specifically in IFIO to an advanced level and also am a staff member on this training in the UK for other therapists in this way of working.

Relationship Development

 Sometimes a couple just wants to work on maintaining or developing their relationship so that it stays positive and communication remains healthy. This is a very positive thing to do and I encourage couples to take this.

I offer this in short courses of work, “check in” sessions, or ad hoc consultations. 

Family work

Family members can sometimes find it very difficult to communicate, either generally or regarding specific issues. I offer a space that allows for particular sensitive issues to be talked about between family members that can help families move forward and resolve differences.

How much do you charge for couples/family work?

For couples and families fees can be discussed but as a guide the fee is from £120 for a 60 minute session.

Organisational fees are negotiated individually.